Fix and flip: The Saga of the 2000 S10, Part 2

My goal for this is to find common vehicles that are selling well (a 4 cylinder work truck absolutely fits my idea of that), obviously that I can make a profit on with minimal investment, and that don’t cost more than I can expect someone to show up with in cash. I’m thinking nothing over the $6k mark (yes, I’ve bought plenty of things with cash well over that, but I don’t think you’ll find non-car-guys doing that kind of thing, unless they are drug dealers). I also want to do things right. I value my reputation in life, and I’m not out to screw anyone at this. I believe that the market is good enough right now to do things right and have both me and the buyer happy with the deal they get.

Go, go Simple Green:

I cleaned up the motor a bit so I don’t end up so filthy as I work on it, and now it’s started raining, so I’m gonna bail on this for now. I have the truck sitting outside of my garage at the moment, so my pretty pretty princess (944) can stay in there where it belongs (unless I’m flogging it). Once I have the S10 running, I’ll start playing swapsies with them and doing the rest of the work inside. I just don’t see a 2.2l head gasket taking that long based on the procedure in the factory service manual.

I did start cleaning up the inside a bit, because it’s easy and provides my OCD with a feeling of immediate achievement. The rear view mirror fell off on the way up, apparently because whoever put it back on thought that using ALL OF THE GLUE in a mirror kit was a good idea. Protip: it’s not. One drop. That’s all. So the windshield is clean, and the mirror button is back on and drying.

One other thing, I just realized that this thing is a 3-door. It’s got a rear door behind the driver’s door. The handle is missing, and the only rod I can find appears to unlatch the top but not the bottom.

So that’s kinda cool….I don’t know Chevys well, so I have no idea whether these all came with a 3rd door or not. I’m assuming yes, because this truck looks to be a strip model + AC + alloy wheels + single disk CD player.


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