Fix and flip: The Saga of the 2000 S10, Part 6

So it doesn’t actually look like any valves are bent. They’re really just that nasty from 230,000 miles of neglect.

This is the #1 exhaust valve shown with the blowing leak on the video:

And it’s seat:

So the definitely explains the leak down test. Good for me – I don’t need to bother with a new head. I need to clean things up and see just how far off everything is. A lot of this looks like atrocious carbon buildup. If it is as bad as I think, I’ll just lap them back in. If it’s also worn/gouged/whatever, it’s off to the machine shop for a 3-angle grind.

As one would expect, the piston tops look like ass too:

but no indication of any damage or contact of any kind. There is surface rust in the #2 bore, but the #3 bore looks fairly decent for its age. I don’t see any need to do anything with the bottom end at this time, but I’ll be oiling and turning the bottom end over by hand tomorrow to check some more.

The head gasket appears to have been (barely) holding together, but wasn’t a source of immediate problems.

Here’s everything pulled off in the last hour or so:

Additional bonus: the head is flat. Totally, totally flat. I’m actually amazed. So no need to skim it, just a good scotchbrite cleaning.


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