Fix and flip: The Saga of the 2000 S10, Part 7

Head is cleaned up (enough) and I’ve lapped the valves back in:

The exhaust valves are still a bit pitted, but it will be just fine. It’s going to be a whole lot better than it was running before the timing chain broke, that’s for sure.

I made a video of how I lapped the valves in – with a drill. It’s fast and it works for quick jobs like this. If anyone is interested I’ll post it later on.

New valve stem seals:

Springs all back on, except for the #4 exhaust. Of course I lost a keeper when I was disassembling it (went flying across the garage) and no one has one locally. Which is fine, because I hadn’t placed the order for the timing chain set and tensioner. They should be here along with a new set of keepers (they don’t sell singles) on Tuesday.

New intake manifold gaskets on, intake back on the head, and all the fuel injector seals and fuel rail seals replaced:

Tomorrow I’ll get to cleaning the piston tops and the block, as well as changing the water pump. I might get into pulling the condenser and blower motor if the mood strikes me.


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