Fix and flip: The Saga of the 2000 S10, Part 8

On closer inspection and after a good cleaning, I can say that there was definitely no contact between valves and pistons (I’m sure I would have seen that in the head already, but still). So this is set to go. The bores are definitely worn, but with the exception of a couple of spots generally look worse than they actually are.

I can feel this spot with a fingernail:

When you see me ranting about shitty rebuilds, this is why:

The old water pump is on the left, the new one (a $13 new pump) is on the right. What else are they skimping on if they’re too cheap to use a cast impeller?

After much scrubbing to get off the old gasket and part of the gasket before that one:

Yay, this truck’s first shiny part.


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